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Code of Ethics: Our Commitment to You

Randolph & Associates will:

  1. Serve our clients and candidates faithfully, with integrity and professional responsibility.
  2. Observe the highest principles of honesty and fair practice in dealing with clients, candidates, and regulatory authorities; and will respect the confidentiality of records in accordance with law and good business practices.
  3. Treat all candidates without prejudice and will not accept an order from any client that is discriminatory in any way.
  4. Take all reasonable steps to provide clients with accurate information on each candidate's employment qualifications and experience; and will only present those candidates who have given us authorization to represent their application for employment.
  5. Supply candidates with complete and accurate information as provided by the client, regarding terms of employment, job descriptions and workplace conditions.
  6. Not recruit, encourage, or entice a candidate whom we have previously placed to leave the employ of our client, while an active, (mutually communicative) relationship exists between you the client and Randolph and Associates. This “off limits” policy will remain in affect for up to nine months without such a defined relationship.
  7. Not restrict the right of a candidate to accept employment of their choice.
  8. Derive income only from clients and make no direct or indirect charges to candidates.




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