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Our Client Referral Incentive Program

Our growth and success since 1987 can be measured by several standards; however, the most important standard is you, our client whom we serve. Our secondary standard is the candidate whom we recommend to you in accordance to your very specific hiring needs. Think of us if you will as a tailor in which you’ve hired to provide human resources with proven skills woven to make your business look and run the best. With that vision and template in mind, we respectfully ask for your help to continue this goal by referring our company to other companies as reflected and incentivized below.

We will offer you a recruiting fee reduction (incentive) for any company that you refer to us according to the terms as noted:

  • The company you refer must inform us that they were referred by you and when.
  • The company must engage our services, and pay us when we complete the search the amount agreed upon and do so within thirty days from start date.

Providing these terms are met, we will offer you a fee reduction on your next hire through us as noted below:

  • For one recruiting need, we will reduce the fee by $2,000.00.
  • For two recruiting needs $3,500.00.
  • For three recruiting needs $5,000.00.

We will also offer additional reductions if you:

  • Pay a small retainer up front
  • Pay a secondary payment within 30 days

We believe this is a win-win situation for all parties concerned and know from our twenty plus years experience the value of such a reciprocal relationship.  We have the references to prove our value and would like to expand upon it by helping you and others share in the same manner.

Please contact Randolph and Associates to discuss any of these terms. We look forward to expanding our business relationship. Thank you.



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