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Our Guarantee To You

When we say "Going Beyond Your Expectations" we mean it in every aspect of our service.

Randolph & Associates offers a satisfaction guarantee to our clients that is unmatched elsewhere. In fact, common practice is to offer either a thirty, sixty, or even ninety day (at most) satisfaction guarantee.

When engaging in a partnership with Randolph & Associates, you will receive our exclusive guarantee. Details associated with this exclusive partnership between us will be presented to you on a personalized basis, for proprietary reasons.

May we have such an exclusive and value added partnership with you today?

Our GuaranteeAt Your Service

"Going Beyond Your Expectations" isn't simply our phrase, but our absolute goal.

Randolph & Associates is here to serve your needs with an unyielding commitment to excellence. We will settle for nothing less than exceeding your expectations.

We invite you at any time, for any reason, to let us know if there would be anything we can do to enrich our relationship and service to you.

Remember - We work for you!

Randy Clausen
Randolph & Associates

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