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Our Alliance

Randolph & Associates benefits you in your job search by leading you to career opportunities not advertised in the open market. We obtain access to these positions from employers retaining us to find the most appropriate candidate. We place individuals in permanent and contract opportunities in a wide range of material handling disciplines. Randolph & Associates invites you into a lifetime career journey and wishes to develop a highly valued relationship.


If you decide to engage in a career improvement journey through the professional services of Randolph and Associates, there's only one personal prerequisite we expect: your integrity. With integrity, we will have the foundation of several other related personal traits that will support your professional profile and be the best all around contributor to the premier companies we represent. We pride ourselves on a solid reputation of integrity and honesty with whomever we work with, and will not compromise such standards under any circumstances. If this policy fits you, we will only then have a winning relationship with all parties concerned. Please don't waste our time if you're not serious about your future when it comes to making a change. Furthermore, we will not assist any candidate whose primary objective is to receive a counter offer from their current employer. We have no tires for you to kick, nor jobs to fill, but only solid career opportunities that demand the most seriously committed solid professionals.

Thank you for your interest and sincerity in allowing Randolph and Associates to bridge your career opportunities.

The First Step: Resumes Welcome

The first step to working with us starts with your resume and cover letter. Information assisting us includes your salary expectations, possible geographic restrictions or desires, a willingness to work full time or on a contract basis, and which position(s) you are currently seeking.

Your resume is most welcomed and respected. No matter if you're a new or recent college graduate, non-college graduate, or the most seasoned top executive, we are here for you now.

Our PartnershipHere is what you do:

1.) Click here to e-mail us
2.) Attach your resume* in Microsoft Word format
3.) Get ready for a call from us!

We look forward to a partnership with you that will surpass your own goals and last a career lifetime.

Candidate Placement Process

Following are some details on how the Candidate placement process works:

  • There is No fee to our candidates for our services.
  • Once your resume is received in our office, it is reviewed by the appropriate associates. If there is an immediate need for someone with your background and skill set we will contact you directly to set up a convenient interview time.
  • Please understand that we are retained by client companies to recruit individuals with specific experience and skills. While we carefully review each application, we cannot make any guarantee that we will place you.
    Once you have registered with us, it is not necessary to follow up on a daily basis. We do review our database against each new job assignment. If you see an advertisement or listing on our web site that you are interested in, please contact us.
  • We DO NOT present you to a potential employer without your consent.
  • We DO NOT contact references and/or previous employers until you have given us permission to do so.
  • When we send you on interviews with our clients, please remember that we need your prompt and detailed feedback in order to manage that placement process. We are in regular contact with our clients and are able, in turn, to provide feedback to you. Lack of communication can lead to misunderstanding.

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