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Our Search Process

Well defined steps map our search process. Orderly and timely progression ensures only the most highly qualified candidates are identified and from these emerge your most ideal hire possible.

Position Specifications and Analysis

Initial phase involves meeting with you to learn criteria of the specific Material Handling position; compensation, accountability (reporting relationships), education and work experience of your ideal candidate. In addition, we jointly prepare a profile of personal characteristics you desire to match your organization's "culture".

Research and Sourcing

Having established above criteria for proper candidate selection, we begin a critical stage of the searching process. Generally, newspaper advertising and other trade publication advertising does not yield a superior candidate. They must be sought out and actively recruited. It is the responsibility of our search consultant to further identify specific individuals with established patterns of accomplishment, contributions and successes.

Candidate Evaluation

After research and sourcing is completed, several qualified candidates emerge for evaluation and comparison. It is our practice to speak directly with these individuals who are, or have been, in positions to evaluate the candidate's job performance and screening. Through intensive interviews with the most promising candidates, our comprehensive evaluation and appraisal techniques narrows the search. A select few will be set apart as qualified in work experience, education, professional development and achievement, career objectives and business philosophy. Based upon evaluation results, reference checks are performed on remaining candidates.

Candidate Presentation

At this point Randolph & Associates will present to your company our list of finalists. We will, at your convenience, set a schedule of interviews for you with the selected candidates. In some cases we're asked to provide suggested interview questions and to take an active role in structuring interviews. Our involvement can be as limited or as extensive as you desire during this phase of the selection process.

The Offer

After a suitable candidate has been singled out as the most ideal, Randolph & Associates takes great care that our client secures an acceptance from this desired individual. If any concerns arise in the final hour, we act as a third party intermediary through which important details of the offer can be negotiated and resolved. Careful attention is paid to all circumstances arising from a job change which include adjustments in compensation and benefits, stock options, spouse careers, real estate issues and relocation details.

The Follow-up

After the chosen candidate has settled in the new position, we make contact to assess the fit from yours and the candidate's point of view. This follow-up contact is performed early-on to identify any subsequent issues that may have developed. In this unlikely event, we will mediate in the hope for adjustments to be made, if necessary. Our goal is to provide a level of service exceeding your expectations on time and within budget by helping your company select and retain the best candidate possible for your organization.

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