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Questions to consider before choosing your professional search firm.

1. Will the search firm be a credible ambassador for my organization?

The firm you hire is a direct reflection of your company. Spend time with the principals to gain an understanding of how they operate in the business community and to gauge their level of professionalism.

2. Who will be responsible for conducting and managing my search - the same person who sold you the project or a junior recruiter/researcher?

You want to be sure the firm is putting its best people on your project and making it a high priority. Unlike large search firms, Randolph & Associates does not need to generate heavy volume. Instead, we concentrate on building solid relationships with fewer clients. The same person you initially meet with will be responsible for managing the entire search process for your company.

3. What is the firm's search process?

You need to know up front the search firm's process for gaining an understanding of your needs and managing the recruiting process. Ask specific questions to find out how they identify and recruit potential candidates. Will they rely on their database or actively recruit targeted individuals for your position?

4. How long will the search process take from start to finish?

Ask about their average time for completion. Understand their process and how often you will get progress reports.

5. What about services following the completed search?

When volume is the name of the game, recruiters move on to the next project as soon as yours is complete. Find out if they're interested in the success of the candidate you hire. Ask how often and how long they maintain contact with you and the successful candidate after the completion of the search.

6. May I check your references?

Ask for three or four references of recently completed projects, and make calls to verify their process and that results are as they have represented. You need to speak with client references along with candidate references. You need to know how the search firm works with and interacts with the client and candidate.

7. Does the search firm specialize in my industry or functional area in which I am looking to hire?

As an employer, do their recruiters focus on my needs? Do they claim to attend to my questions and other needs promptly and in an efficient manner? Will they make concentrated attempts to understand the needs of my organization? And, will candidates they present be highly qualified in my industry?

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